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Thursday, May 19, 2011

now what?

I finished TKM today. I haven't read it since 8th grade, so it was good to get back into the story.

But now what?

As I've been reading my classmate's blogs I'm amazed at what they have come up with, the people they've contacted, and the ideas that simply seem to flow.

I'm not feeling the flow. I really like the idea of trying to read the book as a member of the "authorial audience," or reading it in the way Harper Lee intended it to be read. But what's the point? I've been trying to find something meaningful to do, like Bri's idea of making a website based on her book for others to use, but my idea hasn't come to me yet. I'm stuck at the moment, so I apologize and just ask you to bear with me.


  1. Hey Alymarie,

    I think it'd be fun to collaborate together on a project about doing fun educational things with our books online (even if we don't create a website, we could still make a great contribution to what's already been done out there). I'd even be happy to read TKM (never have) and just use your book. I wonder if Dr. B would let us just do something like that for our final project.

    You could try to read it as an "authorial audience" and document the process! I think that's very valuable research!

  2. What about pulling from your theater background and doing a character study as though you are going to play that part? Just a thought.