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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

guest blogger: michael davis on Frindle

Mr. Michael Davis has been reading books for the better part of four years.   While perusing through his Father's library, he stumbled upon this modern treasure.  He picked it up and read it in one sitting.  Since then, Frindle has been one of his favorites.  "I read it every year just as summer break comes to a close to prep myself for the upcoming school year.  I find that it invigorates my mind and inspires me to set out to accomplish something worthwhile," Davis says.  "If we don't wake up everyday with a purpose, then that day might just slip away."

But, in reality, he has been someone I have bounced ideas off of and who has given me a little extra umph when I've felt inadequate to blog. I joked about having him be a guest blogger, but then it really happened! So here he is. Michael Davis on Andrew Clement's young adult novel, Frindle.

Creation.  Legacy.  Every human longs for these two things.  To leave our print on humanity. To create a wake in the sea of history.  Whether we are born with it, or if it is something that is gained as we grow and live and love, we all have the desire to create something of worth. 
Chances are that if won't be easy.  Perhaps others will tell you that you cant do it.  And perhaps, even on occasion, it will be yourself casting unspoken doubts on your dream.  What ever the challenge may be,  the resounding cry, "Yes!  You can!" can be heard.  And if you listen closely  the encouraging cry can be heard anytime, anywhere.
That is why I adore and take courage from Andrew Clemons' classic Frindle.   A young boys dream  to accomplish and create something comes to life in this lively young-adult fictional masterpiece.  Even when others told him he couldn't follow his dream, he didn't give up, turn back, or let go of his dream.
I hope you enjoy this beautiful story of a young man's dreams.  And that you, too, remember your dreams. 

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