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Saturday, May 14, 2011

it keeps popping up...

Now that I'm thinking about life as How-can-I-turn-this-into-a-blog-post, ideas have been popping up everywhere. 

I've been brought back to Rainbows End as I've watched the Australian who sits next to me in my Eng251 class play on his computer all through class. Most the time he's shopping or checking email or Facebook while taking notes and participating in class, but there have been a few choice moments when he's looked up something useful. Who says the Epiphany haven't already been invented? Today it just comes in the form of a portable personal computer. 

Yesterday, in that same class, someone brought up Science Fiction 2000 and RiffTrax, both of which do commentaries on movies. Science Fiction 2000 showed the movie with their shadows on the bottom of the screen and their comical commentary over top of the movie's script (A REMIX!). Unfortunately, they ran into copyright issues and have been stuck with the awful public domain movies from the 50's ever since.  
RiffTrax, on the other hand, have created mp3s that you can download on their website and play along with the movie. Here is a sampling from one of my favorites to make fun of...

Ta-Da!! Fun, right? And a great example of remix. Now, go and have some fun with it!


  1. It used to be a family activity on saturday nights to sit and watch Mystery Science Theater on the SciFi channel. I just found out about RiffTrax a little while ago. Great example of remix

  2. I agree I see "Rainbow's End" popping up everywhere, I still pray everyday that the REAL ending of that book is somewhere out their. Great Post! Really fun and informative