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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

creating content daily

My attempt to create daily content has failed already.

I had the honest intention of coming back to my apartment after FHE and creating a beautiful, insightful review about RE on Goodreads and then recommending that site to you. As you can see, this isn't that post I hoped for [maybe tomorrow?].

Intentions of a beautiful, insightful review were foiled when I walked from my boyfriend's King Henry apartment out to my car to find note on my driver's side window and a boot. A BOOT. That is an easy $50 right there. An easy $50 that I do not have to freely give away. But I was so frustrated and tired that after waiting for 30 more minutes than they said, I handed over my stinking debit card and walked away.

Why didn't I say, "Was a boot necessary? Why not the [more reasonably priced] $10-15 ticket? Where do you expect visitors to park if they can't park on the streets after 10:00 and there's no visitor parking?" Does anyone have the answer? Please comment, if you do.

Lame excuse, I know. But my content for today [well, now i guess this content is for yesterday] is now simply a frustrated half-rant. I apologize, readers. Hopefully something better will come along tomorrow.


  1. Yeah no fun, been there before. I saw an article in the Daily Universe a few weeks back that may interest you. Check it: http://universe.byu.edu/node/15613

  2. Rants or semi-rants are a common blog post genre. It makes you human.