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Friday, May 27, 2011

antiracist pedagogy in Huck Finn using project muse

Bri Zabriskie, one of my classmates, is researching The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. I decided to try to help her out in her research because there are many similar themes in our two books. From what I know, she's interested in relating Huck Finn to education, so I used the database Project Muse to look for an article that may help her.

In the advanced search boxes, I put "Huckleberry Finn" AND education and after looking through a page or two of results, found this article:
Barrish, Phillip. "The Secret Joys of Antiracist Pedagogy: Huckleberry Finn in the Classroom." American Imago 59.2 (2002): 117-139. Project MUSE. Web. 27 May 2011.
This article talks about the difficulty for white liberal professors to teach in an anti-racist way in classrooms with mostly white students. In a way, while trying to be anti-racist, racist backgrounds and sentiments are very likely to arise, generally subconsciously. He talks specifically about the "oft-discussed dilemmas" brought up by Huck Finn, especially using the n-word in classrooms.

Hopefully this relates in some way to Bri's research. I found it especially interesting to read a professor's personal thoughts on the subject and the way he was dealing with the issues he bring up. There may even be an opportunity to contact this professor, if Bri is interested.

[bri, i'm not sure that this is exactly what you're looking for, but it's an idea. i hope you get something worthwhile out of it! also, while i was looking i found an article by Kenneth Kid called "Boyology" that talks about the problems young boys have and how we should educate them. it only barely mentioned huck finn, but i thought you might be interested because you are having a boy :)]

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